West Louisiana Marble and Granite Company has been in business since 1971. The current owners, Bo and Lisa Stewart, have had the business since April, 2013. Chief Engraver, Bronson Richardson, working alongside General Manager and Graphic Designer, Kelly Stewart, make up a great team who work hard to provide each customer with a design and product that they are pleased with. The company's business is people; and as such strives to help people design a lasting memorial to their loved ones. The company's goal is to make the experience as easy as possible and provide a quality design that the customer will cherish for years. The decision, as to what type of monument and design details the customer is looking for, is assisted with recommendations from our staff based on what the customer wants. Before the customer leaves they are presented with a computer printout of what their monument will look like. The company designs and creates about 250 monuments per year, but doesn't operate on a quota system; nor does the company strive to turn out a certain number of monuments per week. Quality time is spent on each monument so as to insure that the monument will be completed according to the customer's purchase agreement.

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